CAMplete Joins Autodesk’s Advanced Manufacturing Portfolio

CAMplete Joins Autodesk’s Advanced Manufacturing Portfolio

I am excited to announce that CAMplete has been acquired by Autodesk, joining its portfolio of advanced manufacturing brands.
Autodesk shares CAMplete’s vision of developing products that link the entire design and manufacturing process from CAD to CAM to Machine Tool, allowing manufacturers to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

I have had the absolute pleasure of leading the incredible team at CAMplete during the last 22 years. Over that time CAMplete has built a robust partner ecosystem and best-in-class post-processing and machine tool simulation to help you, our customers and partners, achieve unbelievable outcomes.
There will be no changes to CAMplete’s products, sales or partnerships in the near term. Looking ahead, CAMplete will benefit from Autodesk’s complementary design & manufacturing technology, scale and global reach.

While I won’t be joining the Autodesk team I will continue to lead Miltera as a CAMplete customer. CAMplete’s other founders, Paul Hoskins and Neil Rao, as well as the rest of the CAMplete team, are joining Autodesk to take CAMplete to the next level. I have full confidence in what CAMplete and Autodesk can do together as they lead the industry into the next stage of intelligent manufacturing. I am excited to see what the future holds for CAMplete!

Read Autodesk’s blog post and stay tuned for more information about this exciting next chapter for CAMplete:

Autodesk Acquires CAMplete, Adding to Advanced Manufacturing Portfolio

Michael Blackburn, Founder

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